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Even though police statistics show that car theft has significantly decreased in recent years, it is still not a rare enough phenomenon for drivers to feel completely safe. From sophisticated methods requiring not only proper knowledge but also equipment, to classic pickpocketing thefts - learn how to effectively deal with car thieves!

Modern car thieves

Physical damage to door locks, steering wheel locks, and ignition switches used to be the most popular method of stealing a car. Today, often the "traditional methods," especially in cars equipped with an immobilizer, would not pass the test, and car theft has become more difficult. Unfortunately, more difficult does not mean impossible. Modern car thieves are not just local thugs but often very well-organized groups with advanced electronic equipment and the knowledge necessary to bypass the latest security systems.

Although no system can guarantee complete vehicle security and protection against theft, it is worth knowing a few tried and tested tricks and methods that effectively hinder the appropriation of our vehicle by unwanted persons. Carrying keys in a way that makes them difficult to steal, securing keyless fobs, ensuring they are kept far away from doors and windows at home, and not leaving them unattended in places like gym or pool lockers, although seemingly trivial, can effectively protect our car and ensure its safety.

Car theft - how long does it take for well-prepared thieves?

Of course, everything depends on the specific car model, circumstances, method, and even time of day. Unfortunately, nowadays, theft can take exactly as long as it takes for the rightful owner to drive away, which significantly complicates prevention and intervention in theft.

Some models, however, require more cunning and effort from thieves, and the appropriation itself can take several hours. Such a situation may occur when, for example, thieves steal a car "in installments." First, they break into the car to check if it has a tracking device or a system that notifies the owner of an attempted theft. Then, if the attempt is successful, the criminals drive the vehicle away from the scene without arousing any suspicion.

Most popular car theft methods

As technology has evolved, so have the ways of dealing with increasingly sophisticated car security systems. Mechanical tools are less frequently used for theft, and electronics are more commonly used, allowing the car to be appropriated without leaving any traces after the theft.

Long observations aimed at determining where and at what hours a specific car is left, allow well-organized thieves to plan the theft in such a way as to not only carry out the entire operation discreetly but also give them enough time to select the appropriate tools. In such cases, it can be invaluable to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular techniques used by predators to effectively defend against them.


This is one of the most popular methods, allowing thieves to quickly and often completely unnoticedly drive away a stolen car from the scene. To carry out the operation, the robbers need two devices that extend the signal from the rightful owner's key fob. The factory system allows for communication between the key fob and the car within just a few meters. The signal, amplified by the aforementioned "relay devices," extends it to several hundred meters.

The entire operation, therefore, involves the efficient cooperation of two people. The first person amplifies the signal from the key fob, so they must be in close proximity, for example, standing outside the house or following the car owner in a store. The second person is located next to the vehicle. The deceived car electronics behave in exactly the same way as if the car had been started with the dedicated key, without emitting any alarming sounds. The thief starts the car without any difficulty, and for safety reasons, the engine does not turn off even after losing the signal.

An excellent way to deal with this type of problem is securing the Keyless key. Faraday boxes, and stylish leather or fabric pouches effectively protect their signal from potential thieves. Each protective case is equipped with a SILENTPOCKET® radio signal blocking material, which prevents the car key from receiving or emitting the signal necessary to start the vehicle, making its interception simply impossible.


This method involves using a small device, resembling a portable electronic game in design. The device was designed by a Bulgarian company with the aim of creating a tool to facilitate the work of lock service centers, locksmiths, and special services that break into cars for purposes such as searching or installing eavesdropping devices for operational needs. Ultimately, as the investigation by Polish investigative journalists showed, the new device is also used by car thieves.

The "game boy," unlike the popular "relay atack" method, does not require any contact with the signal from the original vehicle key. It can crack the car's access code and then store it in its memory, allowing for quick engine startup and, for example, reopening the doors. Since the "game boy" breaks the factory car security systems, the only possible way to deal with its operation is to install additional security features such as an immobilizer and a system responsible for cutting off fuel and ignition.


This is a simple and non-invasive method aimed at producing alarming sounds for the driver, forcing them to pull over and leave the vehicle. Thieves place a small object, such as a bottle, between the fender and the tire. Car theft "using a bottle" requires vigilance from the thieves and the right opportunity, i.e., a situation where the driver, without a passenger, leaves the vehicle in a hurry, leaving the running car with the keys inside.


This method requires much more commitment and preparation from the thieves than the other methods. To carry out a "tow truck" theft, appropriate equipment is needed, as well as observation of the car owner's most common behaviors, taking into account the hours and places where they leave their car. Although this method bypasses many anti-theft security measures, it is visible and very time-consuming.


One of the simplest and most underestimated methods of car theft. Contrary to appearances, it does not require such radical methods as breaking into a house or intimidating the owner. Keys are often left in places like locker rooms at the pool or gym, where a small, easy-to-destroy padlock protects them from theft. Frequently, keys also fall victim to pickpockets during shopping in a supermarket or are simply taken from our pockets and bags on the sidewalk.

Although there are no ways that would completely protect us from car theft, it does not mean that we cannot defend ourselves against them in any way. Keeping keys in hard-to-reach places and innovative security measures like Keyless significantly reduce the risk of theft, ensuring the safety of your vehicle.


Car key fob pouch with keyless entry protection

Car key fob pouch with keyless entry protection

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Car Key Signal Blocker - Faraday Pouch

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