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How to avoid CARD CLASH?

New technologies make our lives easier however in some circumstances we can hate them. Such situation exists since contactless credit cards has been introduced on the market and has been accepted to be used to pay for bus and tube journey. Read more about disadvantages of contactless cards and so called CARD CLASH.

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Biometric passport - does it need any protection?

Biometric passport contains our IDentity in written and digital form. Written form can be only read by human however digital form can be read wirelessly without having any physical contact with passport. Is it safe to keep passport without any protection? Can it be read by not authorized people?

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.55 / 5.00 151 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Great item thanks
This is great product providing not just Faraday security but other smart options to securely keep important keys together in one place. With even an extra pouch that is brilliant to house an Apple Tag for those moments when you need to quickly locate your keys.